Frequently Asked Questions

Because we cherish the special moments ourselves, we create each piece with love because we know that it will be given or purchased to signify a special moment in your life.  

How much does a custom sign cost? 

The price varies for each piece based on what you prefer as far as customization entail.  Head on over to our custom page to view some inspiration and fill out our form so we know what you have in mind.    

How long does it take before I receive my custom order?

Custom order times vary dependent on the extravagance of the item and how many custom orders we are currently making.  

I saw an item on Facebook or in the store but it's gone now.

We try our best to keep the popular pieces in stock at all times but because we make everything by hand you may need to ask if you can get your name on the next one.  Our stock will always be changing with the seasons so check back often.    

Do you Ship?

Yes, we do!  Please contact us to set that up.  

Can I cancel a custom sign I ordered? 

Once a custom sign or order is approved, we are unable to cancel the order.  We do strive to have happy customers; our pre order communication and approval system is in place to avoid those rare occurrences. 

What if I need to cancel the items I rented?

We understand that things happen and are more than willing to apply the rental deposit to products we have on hand or your rescheduled event. 

What if the piece I purchased doesn’t fit where I wanted it to go in my home?

We understand, you get something home and it just isn’t quite right.  We are more than happy to provide dimensions on any product so you can see if it will fit.